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Nipple Reduction Surgery

Both women and men commonly seek nipple reduction surgery.  Large nipples can be a result of genetics, nursing, or very rarely, previous breast procedures.  Nipple reduction surgery can fix the circumference of your nipple, the projection of your nipple, or both. Nipple reduction surgery can be performed contemporaneously with breast augmentation, breast lift, breast reduction (including male breast reduction), and breast reconstruction.

Dr. David Stoker can evaluate your individual situation and discuss an appropriate surgical approach that gives you the smaller nipples you want. Request a consultation online or give Dr. Stoker’s office a call at (310) 300-1779.

Types of Nipple Reduction Surgery:

  • Length Reduction

Nipples that are too long either sag or over-project. Length reduction can correct these problems. The following are steps Dr. Stoker will take in performing a nipple length reduction:

    • The tip of the nipple is removed to shorten the length. The now-shortened nipple is then sutured so that it heals with a discreet incision.

Dr. Stoker will determine if firm breast tissue underneath the areola is the cause of your nipple’s protrusion. If so:

    • An incision is made along the areola; underlying fatty tissue and breast tissue is removed to allow the nipple to rest deeper in the breast.
  • Width Reduction

Some nipples are abnormally large in circumference, but are not excessively long.  To correct this problem, a ring of the nipple is removed from the base, then pushed into the breast and sealed in the desired position with sutures.

Nipple Reduction Surgery - Recovery

Recovery for Nipple Reduction Surgery is minimal. You will typically have some discomfort (slight swelling and bruising) for a few days following the procedure. However, you can usually return to work the same day. Some patients may experience a loss in sensation of the nipple that normally may last a few weeks. It is possible that the patient may experience some difficulty with breastfeeding, depending on their anatomy.

Why Choose Dr. Stoker for Your Nipple Reduction Surgery?

It’s very important that the doctor you choose is a board-certified plastic surgeon who is well acquainted with the procedure.  Dr. Stoker has performed thousands of breast surgeries (including many cases of nipple reduction surgery) with high patient satisfaction.

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