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Male Nipple Reduction

Men are often embarrassed by nipples that are unusually large, or have an abnormal degree of projection.  Although the subject is not commonly discussed, you should know that you are not alone. Fortunately, male nipple reduction surgery can eliminate these common problems. Dr. David Stoker, a highly regarded plastic surgeon in Los Angeles, performs hundreds of breast procedures.  He has the experience and credentials to help you make the right decisions regarding your male nipple reduction procedures.

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Male Nipple Reduction – Length Reduction
Length reduction, as the term suggests, is used to correct nipples that are overly long. When nipples are too long, they may protrude noticeably or sag. Different techniques are available depending on the particular patient's anatomy.  Common options include the ring reduction or fold over procedures.

Male Nipple Reduction – Width Reduction
If the nipple is too wide but not overly protuberant, it can be corrected by means of a width reduction procedure.  The wedge reduction technique is the most common operation to correct this problem.

Male Nipple Reduction – Puffy Areolas
Another reason your nipple may be protruding is a collection of firm breast tissue underneath your areola. In this case, Dr. Stoker will make an incision along the areola and remove the amount of firm breast tissue necessary to allow the nipple to retract into the desired position.  

Male Nipple Reduction – Recovery
Recovery from male nipple reduction surgery is usually rapid. Patients typically have only modest discomfort following surgery. The majority of patients experience minimal bruising.  The results are visible immediately, and continue to improve over the course of several months.

Why Consider Dr. Stoker for Male Nipple Reduction?
It is important that you find a reliable, board-certified plastic surgeon that has extensive experience and an established track record of satisfied patients. Dr. Stoker is just such a surgeon.  He performs many male nipple reduction procedures.   He has also written many articles on nipple and breast surgery that have been published in some of the most prestigious medical journals.

Dr. Stoker is also in the media frequently for his male breast reduction expertise.  He has performed similar surgery on television for participants on NBC's The Biggest Loser and ABC's Extreme Makeover: Weight Loss Edition.  

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