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Male Areola Reduction

Puffy or large diameter areolas can be a source of self-consciousness for men. Even though it’s not commonly discussed, the problem is relatively common among men. To address this issue, Dr. David Stoker, a board-certified Los Angeles plastic surgeon, offers male areola reduction surgery. He has significant expertise in all types of male breast reduction, and has successfully treated many men with areola concerns.

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Male Areola Reduction – Puffy Areola
Puffy areolas are generally caused by a genetic predisposition, although weight fluctuation and certain medications (especially steroids) can also cause the problem. Men of all ages can be affected, but it is more frequent in younger men.

Male Areola Reduction – Puffy Areola
Dr. Stoker will make an incision along the perimeter of the areola and remove the excess breast tissue. Sutures will then be placed along the incision in a way that disguises scar so that it is barely detectable.

Male Areola Reduction – Large Diameter Areola
If your areola is not puffy, but it is still too wide, this may be corrected using areola width reduction surgery.

An outside ring will be removed from the rest of the areola, leaving the nerves intact. “Purse string” sutures will then be placed around the circumference of the new outer areola ring. The sutures will be tightened to pull the surrounding skin closer to the areola; as it heals, it will assume its new, smaller size.

Male Areola Reduction – Recovery
Much like male nipple reduction, male areola reduction recovery is quick. Most patients are able to return to daily activities and work within a day’s time. The procedure causes only mild discomfort; there is usually some swelling and sensitivity. Significant bruising is uncommon in most patients. The skin surrounding your pectoral muscles may become tighter; this also causes the areolas to reduce in size.

Why Consider Dr. Stoker for Male Areola Reduction?
It is important to find an experienced, board-certified plastic surgeon to perform these procedures. Dr. Stoker not only fits, but exceeds these criteria. Because of his expertise he has been featured on hit television programs such as Extreme Makeover: Weight Loss Edition, Dr. Phil and the Today show. Dr. Stoker has an impeccable safety record in over a decade of practice in areola reduction surgery.

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