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Inverted Nipple Correction Surgery

An estimated ten percent of women suffer from inverted nipples. Some of these women may consider inverted nipple correction surgery to address this condition. Inverted nipple correction surgery is typically done as an outpatient procedure. Dr. David Stoker, a renowned breast plastic surgeon in Los Angeles, is thoroughly experienced in performing inverted nipple correction surgery

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The severity of your nipple inversion can be measured by a grading system, in which an increasing grade translates to a more severe inversion, as shown below:

Grades of Nipple Inversion:

  • Grade 1 (also called “shy nipple”)
    • Nipple is visibly inverted, but can readily be everted (made to pop back out) by light touching of the areola or other stimuli such as cold temperature
    • Little to no fibrosis is evident
    • Nipple is not lacking soft tissue.
    • Milk ducts are normal, i.e., not retracted
  • Grade 2
    • Nipple can still be everted, but not as easily as in Grade 1
    • Once everted, nipple inverts again almost immediately
    • Mild to moderate fibrosis is present
    • Milk ducts are slightly retracted
  • Grade 3
    • Nipple is severely inverted and is extremely difficult or impossible to evert manually
    • Once everted, nipple inverts again immediately
    • Extensive degree of fibrosis
    • Milk ducts are severely retracted
    • Nipple exhibits major soft-tissue deficiency

Inverted Nipple Correction Surgery – The Procedure
Inverted nipple correction surgery is an elegant procedure with a rapid recovery.  Dr. Stoker first makes a small incision at the base of the inverted nipple.  Using blunt dissection, he then selectively divides or  stretches the fibrous ductal tissue that is tethered to the nipple (and therefore responsible for its inversion) until it is completely released from the nipple. He can then lift the nipple up into a normal position and secure it in place with a nylon suture; a stent keeps the nipple in its newly everted position.


Recovery from inverted nipple correction surgery is swift. You can go back to work the next day. Three days after the procedure you may return to very light, non-stretching exercise (cardio is good).  For 10-14 days after surgery, do not wear a bra or other compressing clothing.

Why Choose Dr. Stoker?
Dr. Stoker is highly skilled in all types of nipple and areola surgery, having performed over a thousand cosmetic breast procedures. He has published a journal article detailing his state-of-the-art approach to inverted nipple correction surgery. Dr. Stoker has also authored a number of articles on breast surgery techniques, emphasizing patient safety.

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