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Breast Lift Before and After Pictures

If you’ve been thinking of getting a breast lift, before and after pictures can often be helpful in choosing your plastic surgeon. Since surgeons employ different techniques when performing a breast lift, before and after pictures will help you to decide the results that appeal most to you.

It is our hope that viewing the pictures on these web pages will provide you with a good sample of the high-quality results that Dr. David Stoker is known for as a high-profile breast surgeon in Los Angeles.

As a patient, you have choices as to the type of breast lift operation.  When Dr. Stoker performs a breast lift, he makes the breasts perky and maintains their volume.  In addition, you may elect to increase breast volume (breast lift with implants) or reduce the size of your breasts (breast reduction and lift). The laser breast lift is a newer, very popular option that Dr. Stoker specializes in performing.  Dr. Stoker has put together a number of breast lift before and after pictures to help you decide how these results compare.  Browse these photo galleries to decide for yourself.

Note: All patients shown in these photos have given their express written consent to Dr. Stoker to publish their breast lift before and after pictures.  Dr. Stoker performed the surgery for all of these patients.

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You can join the many happy patients you see here and have your very own breast lift before and after pictures.  To get started, call Dr. Stoker at (310) 300-1779 or schedule a consultation online. Don’t let droopy breasts get you down. Give them a lift! Our friendly and helpful plastic surgery consultants can assist you and answer any questions you might have.