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Breast Implant Revision

Breast implant revision is a surgical procedure primarily performed for cosmetic reasons or health-related issues. With the tremendous popularity of breast implants, a small percentage of patients may either be dissatisfied with the cosmetic outcome of their breast implants or have concerns about possible long-term health consequences related to the breast implant procedure.

Los Angeles breast surgeon Dr. David Stoker is highly skilled at performing breast implant revision, and has performed hundreds of such procedures for his patients.

Breast Implant Revision – Cosmetic Considerations
A major reason behind our patients’ decision to have breast implant revision is having a cosmetically unsatisfactory result from a prior breast augmentation surgery.  You may find that your breast implants are either too large or too small for your personal preference or that you don’t like the shape of the implants.  Also, perhaps the type of breast implant used was not to your liking. Replacing your old breast implants with more modern implants, or implants of a different size and shape, can often give women a more comfortable and or natural feel to their breasts, along with a renewed sense of self-confidence.

 Breast Implant Revision – Health Considerations
Due to controversy in both the media and medical communities regarding the safety of silicone gel breast implants, a number of women have decided that they would prefer to replace their silicone breast implants with the newer cohesive gel breast implants. This represents a significant segment of our patients who come to Dr. Stoker for breast implant revision.  However, as a point of information, you should know that today’s silicone implants are much safer than when they were first introduced in the 1960’s. In fact, the FDA now considers silicone implants (which they once took off the market) to be a safe choice for breast augmentation. Ultimately, it is your choice as a patient to be happy and comfortable with your implants - and breast implant revision is often a very effective way to accomplish this goal.

Questions about Breast Implant Revision?
If you are considering breast implant revision you can call Dr. Stoker’s office at (310) 300-1779 or click here to set up an appointment. Our friendly plastic and cosmetic surgery consultants are ready to help answer any questions you might have.