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Types of Breast Implant Revision

When patients are dissatisfied with a prior breast augmentation – or have experienced adverse events related to their breast implants– they often come to see Dr. David Stoker. Breast implant revision surgery to address these issues is a specialty of Dr. Stoker’s.
Which problems does breast implant revision typically address?

Most types of breast implant revision are performed to correct:

  • Patient’s desire to change implant size, shape, or material
  • Sagging or drooping of implants due to age, pregnancy, or weight changes
  • Capsular contracture
  • Deflated saline breast implants
  • Abnormal position of implants (too high, too low, or too close together)
  • Asymmetry of implants
  • Ripples in the implant that have become visible
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What are some common types of breast implant revision procedures?

Dr. Stoker may employ several types of breast implant revision procedures, including the following:

  • Breast Lift
    Sometimes patients who were initially satisfied with their breast implants experience sagging or drooping in the years following the procedure. Breast tissue may lose elasticity, causing the implant to change position relative to the breast tissue. This is often a natural consequence of getting older, gaining or losing weight, or childbirth. A breast lift can correct the problem, re-centering the breast tissue with respect to the implant and reversing the sagging appearance.
  • Changing Implant Type or Proportion
    Patients may wish to change the size or shape of their implants for various reasons, but it usually has to do with changing personal preferences about how large or small they’d like their breasts. Sometimes it’s simply a matter of wanting a more natural look and feel.  Patients may also elect to change the type of material the implant is made of. For example, a patient who originally opted for saline breast implants may decide she wants a more natural feel that may be provided by silicone breast implants or cohesive gel breast implants.
  • Areola Correction
    The areola – the darker-pigmented skin around the nipple – can change in either shape or circumference as a result of aging or pregnancy.  Dr. Stoker can easily enhance the appearance of patients’ areolas as a part of their breast implant revision surgery.
  • Correction of Capsular Contracture: Opening or Removal of Implant Capsule
    The body’s natural response to foreign objects, including breast implants, is to form a lining around them commonly referred to as a capsule. When the capsule hardens and tightens abnormally, the result is called capsular contracture. Although this complication occurs much less frequently today than just a decade ago, patients with older implants may develop it.  Capsulectomy, the removal of the capsule in its entirety, or open capsulotomy, which opens and releases the hardened capsule, are two types of breast implant revision that Dr. Stoker may perform. Alternatively, simply replacing the implant may be all that is required.
  • Capsule Repositioning
    If the breast implant drops too low (toward the arms), reconstructing the fibrous capsule surrounding the implant may help normalize its position
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