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Breast Enlargement and Lift

For some women a breast augmentation is not enough to achieve their ideal breast shape. These women may require both a breast enlargement and lift. Breastfeeding, losing weight, or simply aging can make the skin around the breasts start to droop.  Dr. David Stoker, a noted breast surgeon in Los Angeles, has successfully restored many women’s breasts to their prior, perky state by performing this combination procedure.

Dr. Stoker can meet with you personally to assess your individual situation. He will help you decide if breast enlargement and lift is an appropriate choice for you. Call Dr. Stoker’s office at (310) 300-1779 or request a consultation online today.

The common reasons for breast enlargement and lift are:

  • Sagging breasts that would not receive enough lift solely from implants.
  • Smaller implant size desired than would produce an acceptable degree of lift
  • Dissatisfaction with size or position of areola
  • Different amount of breast skin for each breast
  • Asymmetric creases under breasts
  • Tubular breast shape

Breast enlargement alone will provide a limited amount of “lift.” Your breasts will certainly look bigger, but they may still droop. In some cases they may sag even more because of gravity and weight of your augmented breast.

Breast lift by itself can fix your sagging breasts, but they will remain the same size.  That’s why doing breast enlargement and lift simultaneously is such a powerful solution: it will give your breasts a more pleasing size as well as a perky appearance. Along with Dr. Stoker, you can decide the optimum size and shape you would like your breasts to have.

Post-Pregnancy Problems
Some women enjoy the way that their breasts enlarge during pregnancy. The breasts enlarge and the top region gains mass as well. After childbirth and nursing, most breasts lose that natural enhancement. The one-two punch of the breast enlargement and lift can restore some of these qualities.

Surgical Approach: One Step or Two?
Breast enlargement and lift can be performed as a one-stage procedure- which is most often preferred by Dr. Stoker’s patients because of convenience—or in two separate steps separated by a several-month hiatus.  With this option, Dr. Stoker most commonly performs the breast lift first.


How Fast is the Recovery Period?
Dr. Stoker’s patients typically can return to work about a week after surgery. Several more weeks’ healing of the incision sites is recommended before a patient resumes her normal activity level and can exercise again.

Dr. Stoker’s Specialization
Dr. Stoker is a board-certified plastic surgeon who is nationally recognized for his experience in both breast enlargement and lift procedures. He has co-authored several important clinical research papers on one-stage breast augmentation with breast lift as well as secondary breast augmentation with breast lift in peer-reviewed journals. He has also made numerous presentations on these topics at the most prestigious plastic surgery meetings.

For Further Information:
If you wish to find out more about breast enlargement and lift, call Dr. David Stoker at (310) 300-1779 or click here to schedule a consultation.