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Breast Augmentation

Women have made breast augmentation the most popular cosmetic surgery operation in the United States for several reasons.  For some it is to fill in their bras with more feminine curves. Many want to restore the breast fullness that was lost following pregnancy and breastfeeding.  Others desire to improve the shape or symmetry of their breasts. 

Dr. David Stoker is a nationally recognized breast augmentation expert who has the experience and skill to achieve the individual goals of each patient. 

To discuss your breast implant options with Dr. Stoker, simply request a consultation online or call us at (310) 300-1779.

Types of Breast Implants

There are now a large number of modern breast implant options. Some of the key options include:

        • Silicone Gel or Saline
        • Smooth or Textured
        • Profile that is High, Midrange, Moderate or Low
        • Round or Anatomical


There are advantages to each of these implants depending on the individual needs of a patient. Your board-certified plastic surgeon should help you navigate through your options to choose the best implants for you.

In which conditions is breast augmentation most commonly used?

  • To enhance the fullness and projection of naturally small breasts

This is the most frequent indication of breast augmentation surgery.  In most cases, having small breasts is hereditary. So if you feel like you lost the genetic lottery, breast implants can make you feel like an instant winner!

  • To correct diminished breast volume that often occurs after pregnancy and breast feeding or after significant weight loss

Here, breast implants can make a dramatic difference, especially when used in combination with other post-pregnancy procedures such as a tummy tuck or a breast lift. That’s why the so-called “mommy makeover” is a favorite of many of Dr. Stoker’s patients.

  • To provide a cosmetic prosthesis after mastectomy or injury to the breast

The physical and psychological trauma of mastectomy can be severe; having a breast surgeon such as Dr. Stoker who is experienced in the latest, most advanced techniques of cosmetic reconstruction using breast implants is crucial. 

  • To correct breast asymmetry


Questions about Breast Augmentation?

If you are thinking about having breast augmentation, make sure you do your due diligence when choosing a breast surgeon. Los Angeles patients who have been transformed by this procedure know that Dr. Stoker is the best, but find out for yourself.  Call Dr. Stoker’s office at 310-300-1779 or click here to set up an appointment. Our friendly plastic and cosmetic surgery consultants are ready to help you and will be happy to answer any questions you might have.