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Before and After Pictures of breast asymmetry

For women suffering from breast asymmetry, seeing before and after pictures of breast asymmetry correction surgery may be helpful in choosing a plastic surgeon to perform the procedure. When you see a surgeon’s before and after pictures, you can get a reasonably good idea of their experience and skill.  You want to be sure that your surgeon’s results are consistent with what you would consider a good outcome in similar cases.

Many women feel self-conscious or embarrassed about their breast asymmetry. Before and after pictures can give them hope for what their future will be like once the problem is corrected with surgery.  According to David Stoker, M.D., a widely recognized breast surgeon in Los Angeles, women who come to him with breast asymmetry often feel self-conscious not only in their personal dating life, but also at home alone, looking at themselves in the mirror. “My breast asymmetry before and after pictures display a wide range of women who I helped with asymmetry correction.  Whether the patient needs a breast augmentation, lift or reduction, I am able to create a natural-appearing symmetry of their breasts, “ explains Dr. Stoker.


 We hope that by viewing Dr. Stoker’s beautiful before and after pictures in this photo gallery, you will appreciate his consistent results and decide to place your trust in Dr. Stoker as your plastic surgeon.

Note: All patients shown in our photo gallery are Dr. Stoker’s cases and they have given their consent to publish their breast asymmetry before and after pictures.

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